Toko Mesin Maksindo menjual Mesin Kopi Espresso Baby Twin Gaggia (Manual)

.Mesin ini memudahkan anda dalam proses pembuatan kopi expresso.

Mesin Kopi Espresso Baby Twin Gaggia (Manual)

Baby Twin

The Gaggia Baby Twin RI8159/40 is operated via the electronic touch ring, a simple touch and the Gaggia Baby Twin effortlessly springs to life. Underneath the body this coffee machine is equipped with a double water heating system. This eliminates any waiting for steam after making your base espresso shot. Easy to clean thanks to the detachable components. The ‘drip saver’ decompression system is designed to stop internal parts getting clogged or dirty.

Suitable for both ground and E.S.E. (Easy Serving Espresso) pods. This coffee machine looks good, has lovely build quality and the addition of twin boilers make it a highly specified espresso machine. If you are looking for class leading specification with the style that only Gaggia can achieve, look no further than the new Gaggia Baby Twin.

Mesin Kopi Espresso Baby Twin Gaggia (Manual)

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Spesifikasi Mesin Kopi ini

Power supply

230-240V 50Hz 1300W
120V 60Hz 1425W

Dimensions cm. (LxHxD)

24,5 x 40 x 26,5


7,5 kg

Water tank


Water tank capacity

1,6 l

3 Filters: 1 cup/1 pod/ 2 cups


Water pump pressure

15 bar

Group and Filter holder

Chromed brass

Makes two cups simultaneously


Cappuccino accessory

Steel Pannarello

Dosing System


Electronic control panel


Active Cup warming plate


Rapid Steam


Pre-infusion Function



Solenoid valve


Stainless Steel

Inox cleaner


Sistema Crema perfetta



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