Toko Mesin Maksindo menjual mesin kopi espresso manual domestik Gaggia COLOR. Dengan mesin kopi espresso COLOR ini, Anda bisa dengan mudah membuat kopi espresso

Mesin Kopi Gaggia Espresso COLOR

Mesin Espresso Color

New Espresso Color: a choice that will be rewarded with a high quality coffee in the cup, with the advantage to use also the coffee pods – thanks to an additional filter and with a cromatic choice, that match even the most modern furnishing style, bringing out the brilliance of the stainless steel details.

Mesin Kopi Gaggia Espresso COLOR

Keunggulan Mesin Kopi Espresso Pure ini

                   T Swivel steamer | The steamer swivels 180° and froths milk in just a few seconds, for perfect cappuccinos, and delivers hot water for tea, tisanes and hot drinks
TT Special filter | Gaggia’s coffee machines all have a filter that allows you to use either round coffee or coffee pods, for unparalleled quality in coffee brewing.
 TTT Group and filter holder | Professional group and filter holder for exceptional ease of use.


ket Mesin Kopi Gaggia Espresso COLOR

ket Mesin Kopi Gaggia Espresso COLOR 2


Power supply

230-240V 50Hz 1100W


Stainless steel

Water tank

Integrated and removable

Water tank capacity

1,25 Lt

Cappuccino accessory


3 Filters: 1 cup/1 pod/ 2 cups


Makes two cups simultaneously


Water pump pressure

15 bar

Cup plate

Stainless steel

Filter holder

Chromed brass


Tamper, measuring spoon

Dimensions cm. (LxHxD)

21 x 35,5 x 27,5


4,5 kg





Sistema Crema perfetta



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